Welcome to my RECORDINGS page. My first and new release, DOWN HOME PIANO, is available. It is $12.00 through here, and you can purchase using the button below. Sales tax for Indiana residents will be added at 7%. Shipping is $3 to the USA.

IF you are a church bookstore and can furnish a sales tax exemption certificate, I have special pricing for consignment or purchase, depending on the quantity. I will furnish them as Pine Hill Associates, LLC. If you are a merchant, the cd is barcoded.  PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR THESE SITUATIONS or call me at 317 882 4852.

For individual quantity pricing, please contact us for more than 3.

If you want to buy through CD BABY, you can, but you will pay more. And ONLY the physical CD will have the specially created 12-page insert that makes the cd most meaningful, with a history of how I came to play, my personal comments on the songs, the words of all songs on the recording, as I have played them, and special artwork. You won’t want to miss that!

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